Friday, October 24, 2014

My (New) Favorite (Cheap) Makeup, and Renee Zellweger's Face

I admit it's hard for me to stay faithful to any one makeup. I like to try new products, and I like variety, and I am under the spell of advertising. Yes, I am influenced by the shiny pages in the lady-mags.

My latest number one favorite is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation, in Porcelain/Ivory.  I'd been using an Avon BB cream and I was happy with it until I stopped by the in-store Sephora at JC Penney. There I sampled a creamy full-coverage foundation and I was impressed by the difference in my skin tone. I don't remember the brand, but it was spendy.

So, on my next trip to the drugstore I picked up this makeup:

It comes in nine  shades and sells for about $8. Good value!

I've worn it for a week now, and I love the finish. It is matte but not dry or cakey. It corrects for my pink undertones. It lasts through the workday with no touch-ups. It slides on nicely over my Olay moisturizer/sunscreen. And it's $50 less than my previous full-coverage foundation, hello.

I do combine the foundation with a pricey Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (recommended by several of you here). So I have a high-low face.

Speaking of faces, Renee Zellweger has been getting a lot of press for her "new" face. Apparently, she's had some face-changing procedures. I cannot abide all the criticism of her choice.

Women in the public eye are derided if they age "naturally" and reviled if they fall for the latest in plastic surgeries. It's a no-win, and what has to change is our view of midlife women. Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams said it better than I could in this article:

 I am eternally dismayed at a culture that obsesses so profoundly on bikini bodies and lineless countenances that some really strange results continue to happen to people who try to hang on to what they once were.

Love your face today, and stay fabulous,

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I Wore: A Little Black Dress With A Twist

The lovely people at Diane Gilman sent me this black knit dress, and it's as if they knew my fashion soul. Diane is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and author. She got her start in the 1960's " . . . hand-crafting one-of-a-kind denim creations for Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Gracie Slick & the Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead, Jim Morrison & the Doors, and more." What fun that must have been.

Diane is best known these days for her exceptional jeans; her nickname is the "Queen of Jeans." She says she "caters to the baby boomers’ figure challenges," like our slightly broader mid-sections and desire for stretchy fabrics.

Diane Gilman

The asymmetrical hem dress below is completely "me" and I love it. The fabric flows, doesn't cling a bit. The neckline is scooped just the right amount. The hemline is fun and funky. And it's the best background for jewelry, or scarves, or belts.

Diane's fashion are found on the Home Shopping Club. I'll show you some of her jeans in a future post. Thank you, Diane, for  this terrific and versatile dress, and for focusing your talent on us mid-life, Not Dead Yet women.

Hula Girl is a new addition to the kitchen. She's a decal from Third Ave Shore's Etsy shop.
Skinny G makes a headless cameo.

Stay fabulous,

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Visible Monday #141: Re-Cycling From My Closet

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I've been shopping in my closet for a month or so -- since two new dental crowns in one week maxed out the cards! And with New York City coming up next week, I want to save some $$$ for thrifting there. So, I've been recycling my pieces.

Like this no-name black lace top (similar), purchased at the Revolve consignment shop. It's completely sheer so I wear a short-sleeve tee under it for the office. The J Jill trousers (similar) are from the fifty-cent rack, and the GAP belt is old. It's fun to be creative with what I've already got.

I think I prefer the unbelted look. Skinny G is getting really Fatty-G, isn't she?

Now, show us what you're wearing, Visible Women!!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fantasy Hair, and Visible Monday Reminder

I'm always drawn to curly hair. I'm charmed by curly-haired protagonists in the movies, from Amy Irving in Crossing Delancey, to early-days Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm, and the gorgeous Bernadette Peters in The Jerk. I know I'm attracted to curls because I have them, but my own hair is fine, thin and fuzzy.

Amy Irving in Crossing Delancey. How adorable is she?

Bernadette Peters in The Jerk.

I've addressed my hair issues mostly through acceptance and a lot of products. I also use faux-hair: clip-in bangs and top pieces at times, to make it look as though I have bigger hair.

But a woman can still dream, and in my dreams I have hair like this:

I'd need serious extensions or a wig to get this kind of volume and curl.

Or this:

The silver is gorgeous, too. Via More magazine.

What's your fantasy hair?
Stay fabulous, and see you at Visible Monday,

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Some good products for thin, fine, curly hair:

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Change Is A Beautiful Thing

Have you seen this video yet? As part of The Beauty Project series, director Kathryn Ferguson filmed five women, all over age 80, on the subject of beauty. The short (three minute) film feels very fresh and honest, and not a papering-over of the real changes of aging.

The theme of the the film, per its site, is: "What does beauty look like after eighty? From keeping your thoughts young to facial aerobics, five older women discuss what beauty means to them." 

Here are some of the questions Ms. Ferguson asked of the women, and their answers, and my own answers (I would love to hear yours):

"What do you see when you look in the mirror?"
It's changed over the years.
I see myself.

My answer: Myself, changing ever so gradually but still me.

"Do you feel beautiful?"
I feel attractive, not beautiful, no.
I do if I take care of myself.
Looking beautiful . . . it's a little shallow, maybe?

"What is your beauty secret?"
Keep your thoughts young.
Eat well and take care of your skin.

My answer: No secrets. Move a lot and laugh a lot.

"At what age did you feel most beautiful?"
My early 20's.
Around age 40, I became confident.

My answer: Mid 30's. A great time for my physical self.

"Does beauty fade?"
You have to keep working at being alive. If you don't, everything fades.
You have to be in love with change; change is a beautiful thing.

Stay fabulous, as you already are,

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A small fashion round-up inspired by the stars of the film:

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I Wore: Ethical Shopping and A Cool Bag

This is the third time I've worked with the wonderful people at MarketPlace Handwork of India. You may know them by now too, via the bloggers who participate in their campaigns.

MarketPlace Handwork of India, a non-profit organization, sells gorgeous hand-crafted clothing, accessories and home decor. They empower women to start their own businesses, and support their families. They are simply delightful people, and I love to shop there.

This is their Mission Statement:

MarketPlace: Handwork of India is an innovative fair trade, not-for-profit organization which combines the experience of running a business with a variety of support programs designed to effect real, meaningful, and lasting change in the lives of low-income women in India.

MarketPlace offered me an item of my choosing, to share on the blog, and to keep. I picked this fabulous cotton print bag in black and gray.  Isn't it so happening? It holds everything, and will make a great overnight bag as well. And, because of the comfortable cross-body strap, I can wear it biking too. Win!

The tee is also ethically shopped, picked up at Molly Mutt thrift for a couple of dollars. It's by Ellen Tracy, and as you can see, the sequins are blindingly bling-y. The white trousers are from the thrift too, and the flats are via second-hand shop Thred-Up.

The green bead bracelet was made by a friend.

There are several really sweet bags, in great colors too.

Please go check out all the delightful offerings at MarketPlace of India. Do good and look good, and stay fabulous,

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

How To Age Gracefully

I found a good article at More magazine's site. I have an on-again, off-again relationship with More, advertised as the magazine for "Women of Style and Substance." It targets mainly the woman who is 40, plus or minus a couple of years. But there are still lots of helpful articles about health, style, and careers.

I did enjoy this piece, "Secrets of Aging Gracefully." (It's always secrets in lady-mags. Who is keeping all these secrets???)

The magazine asked four gorgeous over-40 women for their advice on aging with grace.

The four beautiful women who were interviewed for the article.
Here are some of my favorite suggestions, and I'd love to hear your views. The italics are directly from the article, the commentary is mine:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. A lot of people my age are already dead. Life is a big wonderful ride, so don't major in the minors.
  • Relieve stress. Exercise daily, meditate, practice deep breaths, sing out loud, laugh a lot.


  • Make the Most of What You’ve Got. Do an inventory of your considerable assets and work with them. E.g., I have a nice smile. And I am a great listener, so I can bring that asset to any situation.
  • Don’t Neglect Your Hands. I do feel better about aging when I look down and see nicely groomed hands. I do my own manicures 90% of the time.
  • Hop on a Plane. Travel is invigorating for the senses. Even if it's not a plane, but just a subway or bicycle ride to somewhere new.


  • Trust Your Instincts. We can trust our inner voices now; we've got experience!
  • Stay Active. Stretching, yoga, walking, biking, even gardening keep us feeling young.
  • Eat Mindfully. My days of Pop-Tarts for breakfast are long over. Now my body needs balanced nutrition.

I still crave a Pop-Tart once in a while.

  • Own Your Age. I tell the truth about my age. There's nothing embarrassing about having lived 59 years.
  • Connect with the Young. I do this via music, sports, and staying involved with young people's issues. I still care about accessible birth control for all.
  • Bookend Your Day with Simple Pleasures. OK, here I must quote the article directly: “My one vice is coffee. OK, and wine.”


  • Wear What You Want. We don't need a distinct style-label (Classic vs. Feminine vs. Dramatic, etc). We've earned the privilege to express ourselves and dress as we like.
  • Never Stop Learning. This is my favorite. Learning/trying new things keeps us vital and vibrant.
 Have a fun-filled weekend and stay fabulous,     

Little pleasures for any age:

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